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At our salon, we’re not just about making your pups look good; we’re dedicated to their overall well-being, too. That’s why we’re excited to offer a unique service that goes beyond the standard grooming experience: a monthly visit from a local veterinarian and a pet dental hygienist for anesthesia-free dental cleaning.

Why Dental Health Matters

Dental health is a crucial aspect of your pet’s overall health. Issues in the mouth can lead to, or be a sign of, other health problems. A healthy mouth is key to a healthy pet, and here’s why you should take it seriously:

  • Early Detection: Regular checks can spot problems before they become serious.
  • Prevention: Dental problems can lead to significant health issues, including kidney, liver, and heart muscle changes.

Our Dental Health Services

Once a month, our salon transforms into a dental health haven for your pets. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Scaling and Polishing: Just like humans, dogs need their teeth cleaned to prevent tartar and plaque build-up. Our visiting pet dental hygienist performs a thorough scaling and polishing without the need for anesthesia.
  • Veterinary Consultation: Our visiting vet will examine your pet’s dental health, offering advice and recommendations if any issues are spotted.
  • Education and Prevention: We believe in the power of education. Our team is here to show you how to maintain your pet’s dental health at home, ensuring they stay happy and healthy between visits.

Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Pay close attention to your dog’s dental health and look out for these warning signs:

  • Bad breath
  • Broken or loose teeth
  • Discoloration and tartar buildup
  • Difficulty eating or chewing
  • Bleeding or pain in the mouth

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time for a check-up.

Celebrating National Pet Dental Health Month

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and there’s no better time to start focusing on your pet’s dental health. We’re here to help, with special promotions and educational sessions throughout the month.

Home Care Tips

While our salon offers professional dental care, daily home care is vital. Regular brushing and the right dental products can make a big difference. Ask our team for recommendations and tips on how to care for your pet’s teeth at home.

Why Choose Us for Your Pet’s Dental Needs?

Our commitment to your pet’s health is unwavering. With expert visits and a focus on education and prevention, we provide a comprehensive approach to dental care. Our anesthesia-free cleanings are safe, effective, and stress-free for your pet.

Book your dental appointment today by calling the salon: 970-663-3647

Don’t wait for dental disease to affect your pet’s health. Contact us to schedule their next grooming and dental check-up appointment. Together, we can ensure your furry friend stays healthy, happy, and smiling brightly.